One thousand friends

From 1400 friends down to 300+ on Facebook. The path is lighter than ever, deleted all of the hangers-on and all. The process took a year. I know how important it is to have a contact that you need when you have.

But I guess it’s more practical to know what contacts really matter.

Father Argument

It’s not a good idea to argue with your parents. Because the problem, sometimes they are right, like most people.

My father is a prime proponent of working for a government agency. As a former city hall revenue examiner himself, he talked about the glorious times, where you can get your salary with other mandated bonuses with no hassle compared to private companies. I even saw a fire in his eyes reminiscing the happy days of “bonuses” in government. The line goes like: “If there’s nothing wrong, go!”

This wasn’t our first rodeo on career talks. But here he goes again, a prime doubter.

He said he can’t be proud of me. I don’t know if he’s joking but it hit me.

He suggested I have to imitate or be like someone as he observed a successful neighborhood son working as a bank executive. He is fixated with the Filipino Dream of having a car, even if it’s company owned. Disregarding the fact that with the issues of congested traffic in the metro(also rising gas prices). Unless you live in Laguna,Tagaytay or other provinces,owning one is a lot like having your dick plastic surgeon-ed to the size of 12 inches, only a tool to get laid. Of course I never said that for respect.

Sure, I can’t deny those were great things. I agree with his point about owning a house even if it’s loaned to you in any random place. I can sense his reinforcement about ambition, sure.

But that good life is not what I can say the good life. Burying your dreams with comfort is not a good life. Living your life without struggle to fix problems is not a good life. Being a “me-too” person is not a good life. Owning a car is great but in the right place at the right time.

I said I want to catch a big fish and you can’t build a great company overnight.

He paused and a long silence came along. End of conversation.